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Opequon Creek Project Team:

Our Projects

Opequon Creek, West Virginia Tree Planting
In 2006-07, the Team planted trees and woody shrubs along creeks in Opequon watershed.

Opequon Clean Up Events
Four cleanups have been conducted by the Team in 2005–07 in Opequon watershed.
Opequon Creek, West Virginia
Opequon Creek, West Virginia
Rain Garden in Martinsburg
In 2006, the Team helped to design and construct a rain garden to hold and filter runoff from a large parking lot at the Berkeley County Judicial Center (Martinsburg, WV).

Bacteria and Macroinvertebrates Sampling
In 2006-2007, the Project Team was involved in monitoring of stream bottom macroinvertebrates and in water quality sampling for bacteria level.
SOS Monitoring

Opequon Creek, West Virginia

Rain Barrel Workshop
In the Fall 2006 - Spring 2007, the Project Team hosted two rain barrel workshop in Martinsburg, WV.

Invasive Species
In May 2007, the team assisted in removing invasive plants along the Tuscarora Creek, a tributary of the Opequon Creek.
Alliaria petiolata, invasive plant in WV; foto from

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